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FHA Loan Upgrades

FHA Loan Upgrades

McLay Mobile Homes can provide FHA Loan Upgrades so that you may purchase a mobile home, sell your mobile home, get new insurance, or re-finance

FHA Loans are becoming very popular these days, however, when applying for these loans for mobile homes, they have a main requirement.


We would like to inform you that we are currently doing inspections for manufactured homes for $0. If we inspect a home and it needs to be upgraded in terms of setup and you use J&S Mobile Homes to install the upgrades, we will charge you $0 for the inspection. When it comes to manufactured homes, a state licensed mobile home installer can act as an engineer and cut your time and costs dramatically. Instead of using an engineer who has to charge a fee and then hire us to do the work, just use one company to do everything. Here is an example of the savings:

Hiring an Engineer

Hiring McLay Mobile Homes

Initial Consultation Fee



Inspection Fee



Upgrades to Home



Re-Inspection Fee



Engineering Fee



Total Cost



When McLay Mobile Homes does the work, we will provide everything to you at no additional cost, everything is included! We are positive you will be 100% satisfied with the results!

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