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Under Home Inspections

Under Home Inspections

Most mobile home owners have no idea how their mobile home is setup and therefore may not know how bad their homes foundation can be. Under home inspections will cover many things and give you the information that you need in order to make sure that your home is as safe and efficient as possible.

Under Home Inspections include the following:

How your mobile home is blocked (spacing and footing size)
How many piers are broken or not touching the I-Beam
How many anchors are installed and their condition
The condition of your A/C duct work
Identify any sewer leaks
The condition of your bottom board and insulation
What it will take to bring your home up to safe standards
With the inspection results you can now make an educated decision on whether or not you feel the need to make your home safer or if it is safe enough just the way it is.

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