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Mobile Home Anchoring

McLay Mobile Homes will anchor down your mobile home to provide maximum wind resistance

Most mobile homes in the state of Florida are not tied-down correctly. More than likely they were set-up many years ago prior to the updated codes. The reason for updating the state codes were because mobile homes were not standing up to the high winds that Florida has to offer.

The updated state codes say that you have to have a lateral anchor every 5’4″ on the long sides of your home, as well as 4 anchors (8 for double-wides) on the short sides. If you live in a 12′ x 56′ mobile home, you should have a total of 30 anchors holding your home down!

Not only that, they need to be galvanized 4′ anchors with stabilizing plates in front of them, attached to the home by a galvanized strap and a beam clamp. The anchors on the short sides of the homes are commonly substituted with Longitudinal Stabilizing Systems.

More than likely, if you look under your home you will find rusted anchors, rusted straps that wrap around your homes I-Beam, no stabilizers, and not nearly enough anchors.

McLay Mobile Homes can anchor down your home and make you feel safe again!

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