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Mobile Home Hurricane Preparedness

Mobile Home Hurricane Preparedness

McLay Mobile Homes can prepare your mobile home for a hurricane and heavy winds

As we know by living in the state of Florida, hurricanes are one of our biggest threats, especially when it comes to mobile homes! We learned in 2004, we cannot take them lightly.

When a mobile home is blocked and tied down correctly, it will withstand 119 MPH winds. However, when it is not, there is no telling how hard the wind needs to gust in order for it to destroy your home.

Mobile home setup codes were changed in 1998 due to the increasing amount of homes that were being destroyed by hurricanes and other mother nature related occurrences. Today’s codes are very stringent and very harsh!

Let us come out and inspect your home and make sure that your #1 investment is safe from the next hurricane that comes your way.

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