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Mobile Home Relocation & Transport

McLay Mobile Homes specializes in completely relocating and transporting your mobile home to your new location in Florida. However there are many steps that go along with that process and we can assist you with each and every one of them.

Mobile Home Permitting

McLay Mobile Homes will walk you through all aspects of permitting your mobile home!
Each and every county does their permitting process differently but here is some information that can help you be one step ahead:
If your land happens to be on a septic system that is existing, you will need the following:
Your septic tank pumped out and certified by a septic company
Lot boundaries and dimensions
Proposed mobile home location
Location of your septic tank and drain field
Location of your well (if applicable)
Location of your neighbors septic systems and/or wells
Utility or drainage easements
Floor Plan
Application from your county’s Health Department
If you land happens to need a new septic system, you will only need to contact the septic company of your choice and they will take care of the septic permits.
If your land happens to be on county or city sewer, then you will only need a letter from them stating that they provide you service (or a past bill will also work)
If you happen to be placing the home inside a mobile home park, you will need to contact the park itself for information regarding their sewage disposal system
A survey of your land is almost always needed for a building permit, showing the location of the proposed mobile home, as well as the dimensions of the lot and the distances between the mobile home and the lot boundaries
A floor plan of the mobile home
Sometimes counties require a pre-inspection prior to moving a mobile home
Other information will be needed but will depend on the county and we will be able to help you with all that is needed

Mobile Home Site Development

McLay Mobile Homes will fully prepare your site for the delivery of your mobile home

Site Development is a very important part in relocating a mobile home. The foundation that your mobile home sits on is almost as important as the mobile home itself. Site Development can refer to having to bring dirt onto the property and spread it, the removal of trees, filling in a ditch in order to get the home onto the lot, or anything else needed to properly relocate your home.

Sometimes site development is necessary and sometimes it is just a recommendation. Once we come out and see your lot, we can determine how much site development is needed, if any at all.

If there happens to be another mobile home residing on the lot and it needs to be removed, we will give you an estimate on both the removal of the home as well as any other work that needs to be done.

Mobile Home Breakdown for Transport

McLay Mobile Homes will breakdown and prepare your mobile home for transport.

This portion of the move will be strictly determined by you. This is where you can save the most money by determining what work you want to do yourself and what work you would like us to take care of.

For instance, things that you can take care of your self may include:

Removing the skirting
Remove the siding at the ends of the home where the two halves come together (Double-wides only)
Remove any carports, screen rooms, sheds, or room-additions
Remove any obstructions around the home, such as trees in the way of pulling the home out or bushes surrounding the home
Removing the trim and carpet on the inside of the home where the two halves come together (double-wides only)
Removing your steps
Other things that will drive the price of your move up or down are:

Is the hitch there? Is it in good condition? Does it need to be welded or bolted on?
Does the home have the wheels and axles still on?
Is the home 12′, 14′, or 16′ wide?
How far is the home traveling?
Will we need special equipment to pull the home out or park the home?
Will we be transporting your steps, carport, screen room, shed, etc…?
Will we be responsible for cleaning the lot once the home is removed?
As you can see there are a lot of variables that go into preparing to move a mobile home as well as the actual transport itself. These are all things that you can determine if they are worth it for you to do yourself or you would feel more comfortable having us do it for you.

Mobile Homes are designed to be transported empty. However, we do understand that PODS and other types of storage are costly and inconvenient. When we come to your home to give you an estimate we will let you know the things that can stay and the things that cannot. On moving day we will double check your home prior to transport and make any corrections if needed.

Mobile Home Setup

McLay Mobile Homes will setup and install your mobile home to state and county codes

The way your mobile home is set-up will be determined by the year of the mobile home, the county that it will be setup in, as well as the foundation of the land. However, all setups will be to state codes and will be approved for up to 119 mph winds.

There are some factors within the setup which can influence the total price of the move. We can take care of all of these if you would like us to, however we understand that price is always a factor. Here are some of the things that you can decide if you would like to take care of yourself or have us take care of them:

Electric hookup
A/C installation
Screen Rooms
Room Additions
Siding (Double-wides)
Interior trim and carpet (Double-wides)
Upon completion of your mobile home setup, McLay Homes will warranty the setup for 1 year after the date that the Certificate of Occupancy was issued.

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